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My sister was the first in our family to get the Scentsy bug. Not long after, my mom, myself, and my other sisters had the bug too. We were all out on warmers and wax and what a difference it made in homes without ever lighting a wick. And that’s all I knew about Scentsy for years except I do remember one of my sisters talking about Travel Tins and Scent Circles at one time.

I didn’t really stay in touch with the whole Scentsy thing over the years. Sometimes I managed to find a Scentsy consultant, grab the bars I needed, if not (yikes), I bought retail wax in between.

That’s how I know that there isn’t a wax out there that throws a scent like or lasts so long as Scentsy. I think I have melted them all.

It wasn’t until about a year ago that I discovered that Scentsy made all these wonderful products- way beyond warmers, wax, and Scent Circles; cleaning, laundry, bath and body, kids stuff, and pet products! I have to admit I was a little excited.

So let me share my excitement with you!

I promised myself when I became a consultant that I would never try to push any product I didn’t endorse myself. So as soon as my sales kit arrived I jumped into it, as I do most things, feet first and without looking.

The products that I was most skeptical about were the cleaning products. I have pets, grandchildren,friends with pets, and I am a big mess maker myself. So, I am a little weird about cleaning products. On one hand you have to get something that is tough enough to cut the grime and on the other, you don’t want to use products toxic to pets and children in your home. Let’s not even get into the environmental factors or the fumes that a lot of cleaners put off.

The first cleaning thing I poured from the bottle was the All Purpose Cleaner. Floors mopped, walls washed, cabinets cleaned, fridge inside and out, and other things I am not allowed to promote but you can experiment at will!

LOVED IT. (I am not supposed to tell you this but I used it straight and it removed 900 year old (totally exaggerated) wall paper glue that I couldn’t get off the wall without a chisel! (Not exaggerated)

Used as directed (diluted as shown below) I mist lightly on messy floors and mop with clear water. It’s amazing. It dissolves grime like a boss. No streaks. No build up. Fabulous smell. A+ stuff.

Counter clean… ahhhh. Seriously, I can’t say enough good about this cleaner. Not only does it dissolve grease and grime it adds a repellent barrier to make future clean ups easier too.

When I am reading up on everything and staying in the know, the counter cleaner is the most talked about, the highest praised, in every Scentsy group or circle I am in. Nothing but rave reviews from client after client who swears by it. A lot of these clients (and some consultants) are professional cleaners.

Like the all purpose cleaner, I use the Counter Clean for a lot of things it’s not advertised for, but it works like a dream. I give it an A+ as well.

*Due to the overwhelming demand on the packaging industry and the increased demand for Scentsy Clean and Laundry products in recent months, please note that sprayers are temporarily not included with this product.

And while I am giving out A+’s, let me tell you about MY favorite Scentsy Clean product. (drumroll)

I have very hard water. I really should have a softener, but I don’t. That means that every week I spray my shower with regular bathroom cleaner, rub it down with a rag, and rinse. But about every three to four weeks I have to get out the scouring powder and the green scrubby, get in the tub and scrub it, walls and all, top to bottom. (Don’t laugh! You know just what I am talking about!) Hard water build up is nightmare.

So I did an experiment. I sprayed all of my shower and tub each week with Scentsy Bathroom Cleaner; all except the top 18 inches of the walls and shower head.

By week three it was time to get out the scratcher and scouring powder for that top 18 inches but the bottom part (Scentsy!) was slick as a whistle! Seriously, I mean slick.

Needless to say I won’t need scouring powder and a scrubby anymore, at least not in the bathroom. Top that with all the time I save and how great my bathroom smells all the time, and well, I am sold.

Every person I have loaned my bottle to ends up buying it; it’s just that good. So A+++.

The dish soap was the product I was most skeptical about. I have a dishwasher and so I don’t have to handwash much. But when I do, I expect there to be bubbles, lots of them. I expect grease cutting power and with all this hard water, a clean, streak free rinse. In short, I expect everything that we all want in a dish soap.

And guess what? Much to my amazement, it was great. It has bubbles that lasts, cuts grease right out of pans from fried food, and all of my glasses sparkled. Even the one I had forgotten and washed last, after everything else. Sparkles I tell you. Oh, and it made stove top clean up a breeze in the wipe down.

Once again. A+

Now, let’s finish it all up with the best at last; Scentsy Fresh. I mean, I spray this stuff around like fairy dust. I have dogs, and cats, and I cook, and unless I am baking cookies, I do not want to smell any of the aforementioned.

Scentsy Fresh was the first (new to me) Scentsy product I pulled from the box and tried out. I was instantly in love with it as I sprayed Scentsy Clean (scent) all over the place. I sprayed it on my bed, my rugs, my curtains, and furniture. I spray it in my closets for a burst of fresh. I spray the inside of my car with it. (Woven cloth seats). I find new things to spray it on every day. Grade? A+, of course.

Had you any doubt? I did actually, in the beginning. If anyone had told me a scent company made top notch cleaning products I would have thought they were crazy. But I bit the bullet and tried them all.

Now I am hooked. You will be too as soon as you try them out.

Bite the bullet. Try just one, or maybe two. Or take the leap and grab a Classic Clean Bundle. That includes the bathroom cleaner, counter cleaner, and dish soap all for (Reg. 25.00)

*Due to the overwhelming demand on the packaging industry and the increased demand for Scentsy Clean and Laundry products in recent months, please note that sprayers are temporarily not included with this product.

Thanks for reading! If I can help you with anything, please sent me a message via the contact page of the website.


** Prices have been adjusted for products that currently do not have nozzle available.

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