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SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK - The ABC Television Network will relive the classic 1970's Saturday morning cartoons that taught history, math, science and grammar in living rooms across the country, during a one night special, "The ABC's of Schoolhouse Rock," SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 (7:00 - 8:00 p.m., ET). Hosted by "Grey's Anatomy's" Chandra Wilson, "The ABC's of Schoolhouse Rock" will celebrate the pop culture phenomenon and pay tribute to the beloved songs that rocked their way into American hearts over 40 years ago. The one hour special will feature interviews with some of the creators and writers of the Emmy Award-winning series and countdown the Top Five All-time favorite Schoolhouse Rock cartoons. (ABC/ABC PHOTO ARCHIVES)

Until recent decades, I only ever enjoyed government/politics in the context of history, and only then because I love to read. I made decent grades in government classes, aced my constitution tests, but never found politics overly interesting (or understandable) until well into my twenties.

Thank goodness for the years of Shoolhouse Rock singing to me on PBS (and in my memory) or I might not have grasp any of it at all.

Great watch for kids but I can think of a few adults that might sharpen their skills on this subject as well.

Schoolhouse Rock

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