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Yes, you read that right. There was a secret meeting between the big wigs of the world and no main stream media is reporting on it. None.

I will give you the highlights, but if you want to read the whole article you need to go here. Click on all the links following for extended information.

A secretive meeting of more than 100 of the world’s most powerful people just took place in a Washington, D.C. hotel behind closed doors and under tight security — while few reporters even took note.

Bilderberg Meetings attendees — including the director of the CIA, the secretary-general of NATO, European prime ministers, CEOs of pharmaceutical, energy and tech companies (including Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla) — gathered June 2-5 to discuss global issues under an anonymity agreement.

“The participants take part as individuals rather than in any official capacity, and hence are not bound by the conventions of their office or by pre-agreed positions,” the group’s website states.

On the agenda of the invitation-only summit were topics including “Disruption of the Global Financial System,” “Disinformation,” “Energy Security and Sustainability,” “Post Pandemic Health” and “Fragmentation of Democratic Societies.”

As an element of its secrecy, the annual conference invokes the “Chatham House Rule.” In meetings held under this rule, “participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s) nor of any other participant may be revealed.”

 Key topics for discussion listed in this year’s press release were:

  1. Geopolitical Realignments
  2. NATO Challenges
  3. China
  4. Indo-Pacific Realignment
  5. Sino-US Tech Competition
  6. Russia
  7. Continuity of Government and the Economy
  8. Disruption of the Global Financial System
  9. Disinformation
  10. Energy Security and Sustainability
  11. Post Pandemic Health
  12. Fragmentation of Democratic Societies
  13. Trade and Deglobalisation
  14. Ukraine

Kim Iverson breaks down the clandestine Bilderberg meetings that took place in Washington, D.C. this weekend.

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