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November 26, 2020
Updated: November 27, 2020″
PrintA website belonging to former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell, who recently filed lawsuits on behalf of President Donald Trump alleging election fraud, appears to have been blocked by Twitter. When one tries to share the link, defendingtherepublic.org, or includes it in a direct message, the social media website says: “Something went wrong, but don’t fret—let’s give it another shot.”

Another message toward the bottom of the screen adds: “We can’t complete this request because this link has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially harmful. Visit our Help Center to learn more.”

The message doesn’t elaborate on why the website is “potentially harmful” and doesn’t identify who “our partners” might be.Some users later posted that including the text, “defendingtherepublic dot org,” is a way to circumvent Twitter’s censors.When one clicks on a link to Powell’s website that successfully went through on Twitter, the website includes a “warning: this link may be unsafe” message. “The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe,” it reads.

Twitter hasn’t responded to a request for comment.

Powell, who previously appeared in a news conference with President Donald Trump’s team, filed several lawsuits on Nov. 25, alleging that there were “hundreds of thousands of illegal, ineligible, duplicate, or purely fictitious ballots” in Michigan, and alleged voter fraud and irregularities in Georgia.

A message that appears when attempting to post the link. (Twitter/screenshot via The Epoch Times)Another message that appears when trying to post the link. Black box added by The Epoch Times. (Twitter/screenshot via The Epoch Times)

Read full story at source: Sidney Powell’s Website Apparently Blocked by Twitter

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