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Botanical name: Chlorophytum comosum
Native to South Africa (Zone 9-11)

These easy-to-keep houseplants are beautiful and a little rare as they are not as easily found as their more common cousin, the variegated spider plant

With long, slender, solid colored leaves, they are gorgeous in a hanging pot, on a desktop, or on a pedestal.

Spider plants make a great household plant as they require low-indirect light, are very drought tolerant, require minimal feralization, and are fast growers. I allow mine to dry out between watering, only fertilize a couple of times over the winter, and keep them out of drafts. They will even do well in a northern window.

Bonus for the spider plant is that it is among the “clean air plants” that will help purify the air in your home! (See more about that below.)

When spider plants become rootbound, or begin experiencing shorter days and longer nights (winter coming), the plants will produce florets called pups.

A single spider plants will produce dozens of pups per year with minimal care.

These pups can grow large and heavy, and when removed from the mother plant, can be planted in their own pot to make more spider plants. They look awesome lined up hanging in pots under porches, carports, and eaves.

I love plants and almost always have a few on hand for sale or trade.
Please contact me if you are interested in either.

Spider Plants and Clean Air

By Frank Kuznik | Jun 01, 1999

A growing body of research on the subject offers yet more evidence that houseplants may be an effective means of improving the air quality in your home and office

Perhaps you remember the news from more than a decade ago that spider plants seemed to do a spectacular job of cleaning the air. The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), which tested the abilities of three common houseplants to remove formaldehyde from the air, found in preliminary tests that spider plants were the champs, removing 95 percent of the toxic substance from a sealed Plexiglas chamber in 24 hours.

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