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Wolf Bayou is an area just outside of Wardell, Mo. It’s bottom land forest at the end of Route BB, just over the levee. It’s rugged terrain; locals go there to four wheel drive and play in the mud. It’s off the beaten path and there are only a handful of houses in the area. It’s not a place you would expect to find a cur much less a very quiet and domesticated terrier like Harry. But that’s exactly where Harry was found.

Harry | Image courtesy CHS PAWS in Hayti, Mo.

An elderly couple discovered Harry at the Bayou and knew right away that he didn’t belong there. Covered in fleas and more than a little timid they managed to get their hands on the abandoned pup. They scooped him up and began checking door to door with the few families that lived in the area to see if they could find Harry’s owner.

No one claimed Harry or seemed to know who he might belong to.

Not really knowing what to do with him, the couple took Harry to Caruthersville Humane Society in Hayti, Mo., where he was accepted, lovingly.

Once admitted, Harry was put on a stray hold to give his owners time to come find him. Almost as soon as he’d settled in at the shelter the girls at the shelter put his picture on Facebook asking if anyone recognized him. They explained on his image that Harry had been found and could be picked up at the shelter.

Harry was shy, sweet, appeared to be housebroken, and had already been neutered. But Harry’s owners never came.

The fact that nobody claimed him convinced the girls at the shelter that Harry had surely been dumped. When Harry’s stray hold time was up the girls put Harry’s pictures back up on Facebook announcing that Harry was up for adoption. Many fans of the pages commented on Harry’s good looks and apparent charming demeanor.

It was no time at all before truck driver, Brenda Ellah, saw Harry’s picture on the CHS’s Facebook page. She lived in Canada but was a fan of the shelter and her job took her through the Bootheel frequently. Brenda contacted the shelter to arrange to meet Harry. So Karol and Erma arranged to meet Brenda at a local truck stop a few days later.

For Brenda and Harry it was love at first sight and the girls at the shelter knew they had a match. How awesome it would be for Harry, who loves to ride in a car, getting a new life spending time on the road with his new human.

Brenda immediately gave the thumbs up and agreed to adopt Harry, and Karol and Erma set in motion all that had to be done for Harry to travel to his new home in Canada. Crossing state lines required that Harry see the vet and get a certificate of health. The border patrol would certainly require the same.

Declared healthy and up to date on vaccinations Harry was soon ready for the long ride to his new home.

Over Labor Day weekend, Erma took Harry to meet with Brenda, and said her goodbyes to sweet Harry, the loving and adorable terrier that had stolen their hearts.

During the trip home to Canada, Brenda made several comments on the shelter’s Facebook page, as well as her own, about what a wonderful little rider Harry was, sharing pictures of Harry with each post. He was a natural traveler, ready to get out to stretch his legs periodically, but always raring to get back in the truck and go.

Harry the natural traveler | Image: Brenda Ellah
Harry begins his journey home | Image courtesy CHP PAWS, Hayti, MO

But the real excitement for Harry was yet to come. Awaiting him at his new home was his new sister, Portia; a well cared for, if not a bit spoiled little pup, accustomed to ruling the roost.

Harry was up for the job of making a great impression.

Harry, ready to impress | Image courtest Brenda Ellah
Image: Brenda Ellah

After stopping in several states Harry finally arrived at his new home.

The following morning, Brenda updated Harry’s progress with the fans of the P.A.W.S. Facebook page with the following statement:

“Update….Harry spent his first night at home playing outside till dark, tummy rubs on the couch then settled into bed with us. Portia loves her space but Harry somehow weaseled his way in between us and slept all night sharing my pillow. He has spent today playing outside with Portia, and the neighbors dog Cash and is now off to meet Abby and Marly; more doggies who belong to friends of ours. He’s eating well, drinking lots, loving his treat chews and finding a way into Portia’s heart.”

It appeared that Harry was off to leading a very active and comfortable life with Brenda and her family, even if Portia was playing a little hard to get.

Look forward to updates on Harry in the future, along with images of Harry, his new home, family, and pals.

Image: Brenda Ellah

Pet adoption saves and enriches lives both human and animal. And love knows no boundaries or distance when the match is right and it’s love at first sight. Please consider pet adoption when acquiring your next pet. It’s certain that your newest loyal and devoted friend is waiting somewhere close, in a shelter or rescue near you.

This article was originally published on Examiner.com | September 2013

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