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Falconry is a time-honored tradition, based on a unique partnership between falconer and hawk. Now you could learn this 8,000-year-old sport from master falconer and former president of the New York State Falconry Association, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.! 

Spend the afternoon with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. learning the basics of the ancient sport of Falconry! We’ll fly you and a guest to New York and put you up in a hotel for two nights. Then you and your guest will join Mr. Kennedy for lunch and spend the day learning to hunt with these majestic birds of prey. Timing for this unique experience will take place on a mutually agreed upon weekend in March 2023. In the event of inclement weather, the outdoor falconry experience will be replaced with an alternative indoor experience with Mr. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

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The Story of How Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Became a Bird Rehabilitator

When Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. isn’t hunting down polluters for the environmental watchdog group Hudson Riverkeeper, he may be nursing an injured bird back to health or signaling his Harris hawks to soar high off his hand into the sky.

Deeply passionate about birds, Kennedy is both a master falconer and a New York State-licensed bird rehabilitator who has taken in many injured birds, releasing them after they’ve recuperated. “I get calls all the time. I’ve got, right now, one injured cormorant, a couple of starlings and a couple of crows,” he said.

Kennedy also keeps a place at Shawangunk Mountain in the Catskills, visiting every spring and autumn to band rare birds for the federal Fish & Wildlife Service – an aid in tracking their numbers and habits.

Kennedy Interested in Birds From Childhood

One of the lower-key members of his famous clan – Kennedy dates his interest in birds to his childhood. He particularly remembers being intrigued as an 11-year-old by a chapter on falconry in The Once and Future King, T.H. White’s book about the King Arthur legend.

“I just was born with the interest. I raised homing pigeons, ducks and pheasant since I was 11, and I started handling red-tailed hawks when I was 12 years old,” he said.

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