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“The whole Trump-Russia collusion story was a giant hoax started by Democrats. The FBI knew it was a hoax. The CIA knew it was a hoax. And Barack Obama knew it was a hoax. Everybody knew it was a hoax the whole time. But they acted like it was real. The CIA knew Hillary started the Russia collusion story and then went in and told Barack Obama all about it. That she was trying to link Trump with Russia to distract from her email scandal. …

It turns out Hillary’s guy made up the peepee tape lie, and then they just pinned it on a Russian. The Democratic National Committee, and this guy, Charles Dolan, goes to Russia, checks into the Ritz Carlton, and asks for a tour of the Presidential Suite. And then the golden shower story drops. Nobody at the Ritz Carlton told him this. Not the Bellman. Not the cleaning lady. Not the manager. I mean, maybe he got so drunk on vodka he forgot it actually happened to him. So the peepee tape was Hillary’s team’s idea. What else do we find out from Durham?

Well, we found out the FBI shut down two investigations into the Clintons. Three separate FBI field offices said wait a second, the Clinton Foundation is a foreign money laundering scam. We should probably look into it. But Andy McCabe, you remember Andy, the guy married to the Clinton donor. He calls everybody in and says guys, the Clinton Foundation is off-limits.

The second thing they shut down. The Hillary Clinton campaign was taking illegal contributions from overseas. FBI informants caught Hillary’s campaign saying yeah, we’ll take your money. We don’t care Albania, Morocco, just send us the checks. So he runs it up the flagpole at the FBI headquarters and they said to shut it down. No investigation into Hillary Clinton’s foreign campaign donors. We’re not going to go there. We have to frame Trump as a traitor instead…

The frame a guy as a Russian agent. Obama’s in on it. The CIA is in on it. The FBI is in on it. Hillary starts it. They illegally spy on his campaign. Fabricate evidence to get warrants. And then they do a two year investigation to cover up their crime and try to impeach him. But the worst part is this. They run it back in 2020 with the laptop. Same thing, CIA and FBI…

That’s what this report shows that one political party the Democrats tried to use the FBI to rig a presidential election and just about got away with it. They succeeded in getting the FBI to intervene. They succeeded in getting the FBI to lie to a court to get wiretaps. They succeeded in getting a presidential campaign Donald Trump’s campaign spied on.

I mean, it’s amazing. If there’s something like this in American history, I don’t know what it is. And that’s why I say there needs to be prosecutions. There needs to be accountability. And the FBI has got to be overhauled now top to bottom. It’s got to be completely reformed. It cannot go on like it is.”

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