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A year ago I made the remark one day that I hadn’t yet seen a single critter cross the field at my new place, and no sooner had the words left my lips, a fox came across the field.

A few weeks later, I told a friend as we exited my house, that I had never seen a deer in the field behind my place. We looked up and there was a doe and a fawn near the tree line on the far side of said field. No pic of that, but it happened, and caused us both an odd, uneasy giggle.

Today, on a much needed country cruise, I told my pal Lisa that I was disappointed that I hadn’t seen much wildlife other than deer lately. This time of year it’s common to see turkey, coyotes, foxes, or even and eagle or two, and I’ve not seen any.

We weren’t far into the cruise before Lisa said, “There’s an eagle back there eating something in the field.”

I turned the tank around and saw that she was correct. There was an eagle in the field; a big one.

It’s not easy to sneak up on an eagle, or anything, in “the tank”. Exiting the vehicle and crouching like a monkey to skim the fence row is getting harder with age. I often wonder what passersby must think when they see me doing all this sneaking about. All, for a decent pic of a critter of some sort.

Yep. I will do it and not think twice about it.

I am only able to get this close with a 200 mm lens and some cropping. Even at a distance afforded me by the lens, I am disturbing this feast. While I am thankful for the small zoom I have, I actually have one slightly longer, but I would someday soon hope to snag a better lens so that I interrupt less in nature, an otherwise.

He/she is on to me, fast. They termed “Eagle Eye” for a reason.

When he/she steps completely off of whatever poor thing is being eaten, I know this session is over.

What a great last picture to give me though!

Well, almost last.

The light is low but I was really hoping to get some serious shots of this big bird taking off.

Well, I got a few pics, but they certainly weren’t serious. I am happy to have them though; blur, jitter, and all.

Oh, and it turns out it was dinner for two. Now wouldn’t that have been an awesome bunch of shots to grab? Two eagles having dinner! I’d take it!

Ask and you shall receive, huh?

Ummmm, I sure would like to see my bank account grow if I could see a little of that. Just in case someone is listening 🙂

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