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I never dreamed this little garden would draw so much attention but I am pretty sure at least half the town drives by to check it out. Some stop to chat about it 🙂 It’s been a great experiment, I still have a lot to learn about this style of gardening, and it’s something I will continue to do.

I put the arbors (cattle panel) between T-post and tried the square bale method down the sides. On the right you can see the cherry tomato growing in a five gallon pot and it took over the first whole panel. Just picked all the goodies, but you can see the size of it.

I plan to cover it all with plastic before the first frost to see how long I can keep the tomatoes and peppers going, and to keep some fresh green through the winter. In the spring, look out, I plan to fill it will tray upon tray of spring planting starts, houseplants, and who knows what else.

Nothing like being a little ambitious, huh?

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