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Ask yourself, why they wouldn’t allow doctors to prescribe Ivermectin when it was such an easy fix.? Why would they lock down a whole nation, destroy our economy, and force experimental gene therapies into our bodies?

Ask yourself that and more.

And if any of the answers you think you know have come from main stream media, go back now, do your own research, and find the facts. You have been lied to. We have all been lied to.

Our own government created Covid 19- they own US patents on it. They have known Ivermectin is THE treatment for the virus since about 2002 or 2003 and they denied it to an entire population.

Our government unleashed on a a bioweapon, lied to us, and then refused us the treatment they knew for sure would work while they pushed drugs that killed. Those who made it through the virus are now sick or dying from injuries do to “vaccination”, yet another bioweapon produced by none other than our own tax dollars.

Are you with me so far?

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