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The kids came by for a few days earlier this summer. I was busy in the yard and they wanted to play in water.

No pool yet, not even a wader, so the next best thing happened.

The little ditch that runs behind the garden just got deeper.

For the record, I did offer to set up the sprinkler so that they could run under it but they weren’t having any of that. They all wanted to be in it. Well, the boys all wanted to be in it. Kylie, well, she ended up in charge of the hose.

And so it was, and a total hit I might add.

Kaiden was more than a little excited about all the mud.
Teamwork. Best pic of the day. Karsen must have gotten a pat on the back or moved in the right direction, I suspect by Kaiden 🙂
I asked, “Hey Hudson, what do think Granny would think about all this mud?”- This is the reaction I got. We both know that mud just isn’t Granny’s thing.

Below you can see several pics of the day, including my developing garden.

Images from 05/30/2021

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