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The lack of performance in modern day cleaning appliances came up in a recent conversation; how some may use less water, but take longer to operate, and their performance is worse than ever.

I made the comment that we could thank good-old-Obama and his green energy regulations for that.

Someone, a union employed, democrat, Trump hating, individual rolled his eyes at me (like he always does) anytime that I point out the absolute shit show that the Dems have truly become.

So just for the record, I wanted to drop all this here before I forget.

This is just a real quick search of what can still be found online about this subject.

Note: You won’t find it on main stream news or Facebook and Youtube Videos. Your union reps won’t tell you about any of it when they tell you how to vote.

Obama wants home appliances to be more energy-efficient (2009)

How Obama is Invading Your Home (2010)

Obama’s Energy Regulations on Household Appliances Sparks Cost Debate (2015)

Obama’s backward dishwasher rules just more of the same (2015)

Obama’s Costly Dishwasher Rules Could Make Americans Dishpan Handlers (2015)

Obama’s Energy Efficiency Regs Are Making Appliances Way Worse (2016)

Here Are Obama’s 11 Worst Regulations (2016)

20,642 New Regulations Added in the Obama Presidency (2016)

Trump Sued For Not Regulating Common Household Appliances (2017)

Department of Energy Rolls Back Obama’s Dishwasher Restrictions (2020)

37 Biden Administration Regulations in the Pipeline that Americans Should Know About (2021)

…and it is still ongoing.

I don’t mind an eye roll over a difference of opinion but facts are facts. Have some, before you flash that arrogance. It makes you seem, well….(you fill in the blank)

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