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Unlike many bloggers I haven’t said much about The Virus or the subsequent treatment there of. I have strong opinions about both, but I am not a physician. I am just someone that’s always had a good intuition and the only real problems I have had in life were times that I didn’t follow my gut. I am about gathering the facts, weighing the odds, and going from there; my intuition guiding me.

I had The Virus before it ever had a name. Me, three of my grandchildren, and my youngest son were sick for weeks, and while we thought we were passing it around, it was just the fact that the illness lasts that long.

The boys were miserable but over major symptoms in less than a week. My granddaughter and I were sick for weeks. Just about the time we thought we were feeling better we would get slammed again. I still feel like I carry fatigue from it all.

We went through it all, at home.

Since that time I have been exposed to The Virus many, many times, and not once have I had a symptom of any kind from those exposures.

So between what I have experienced, and all that I have read, watched, and listened to about this crisis, I have a very strong opinion about it.

You can find much of that opinion here, expressed professionally, by Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH – Cardiometabolic Health.

I urge you to take a few minutes and listen to what he has to say. The repercussions of The Virus and The Vaccination go far beyond our health and I think that’s what disturbs me the most.

And while you’re and hashing that out in your brain, ask yourself this- Why would medical professionals write papers that they knew were false, just to force people into not getting effective treatment for The Virus, or to push them towards getting this vaccine?

Glad you stopped by.

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