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You might remember True the Vote from videos published here; 2000 Mules, The Pit, and a very compelling video from Trevor Louden at The Pit. If you haven’t checked these out yet, now is a good time. You will want the background to understand everything that is about to happen.

So who is True the Vote?

True the Vote was founded by Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips and this is what they do.

Two years ago Catherine and Gregg discovered many anomalies arising out of the 2020 elections and took a deep dive into the data to find out what those anomalies were and where they originated from.

Once into their research the pair found enough evidence of election fraud to go to the FBI with it all. Agents with the FBI worked with Engelbrecht and Phillips for 18 months investigating and collaborating on the data each group had found.

In the final hours, FBI higher-ups stepped in and not only halted the investigation but turned he tables on True the Vote accusing them of stealing private data.

Information gathered by True the Vote ended up the subject of a documentary called 2000 Mules that showed actual evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

When True the Vote realized that our government was not going to do anything about their findings of deep election fraud and foreign interference, and with mid term elections quickly approaching, they decided to enlist the help of information gatherers all over the nation. They organized a meeting of a carefully selected minds called The Pit where they laid out what had happened during our elections, what they had found, and how the FBI had come after them for their findings.

This group of people included journalists, politicians, influencers podcasters, truth seekers, Anons, researchers, and info geeks galore.

Within 48 hours this group of people began to dig into public information, researching trails of those involved in our elections, and collaborating using Trumps new social media platform, Truth Social, with no interruption and more impotently, no censorship. If you followed the right people there, there was so much data and information flying on the feed, that you could watch it scroll without touching the screen or mouse.

For weeks I have watched that feed roll and the information compiled is astronomical. True the Vote has spent weeks trying to get the data into the hands of the right people, working with DA’s, Sheriffs, PA’s, and more hoping someone, anyone would take notice of what they had found.

It boils down to this: An American company that runs our elections (Konnech) stored our election information on servers that are physically located in China. According to Chinese law, anything that “lives” in China belongs to the Chinese Communist Party. That means all of that US data that is stored on those Chinese servers, belongs to China.

Among many datasets found (by True the Vote and their movement) on those servers in China, is the personal information of hundreds of thousands of American poll workers. The information on those records include names, addresses, social security numbers, work places, children, schools children attend, medical records, and more.

Needless to say there are criminal implications for Eugen Yu at Konnech. And finally, someone in a place of power took notice.

Tuesday headlines: HUGE! Election Company Konnech CEO Eugene Yu Arrested in Los Angeles for Theft of Personal Data of Election Workers – Data Sent to China!

I believe the ripcord has been pulled.

True the Vote made a public statement about the arrest as follows:

There has been fraud in our elections for decades. Let’s hope this is just the beginning of bringing it all into the light and getting down to eradicating even the ability to cheat. Our voices have been silenced and manipulated long enough.

Want to check out more on this subject? I recommend doing your searches on Freespoke.com. It’s one of the very few uncensored search engines out there right now.

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