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A recent conversation went like this:

“We did a lot of research on the vaccines and decided it was the best choice for us. We feel comfortable with our decision.”

That statement terrified me.

At the time this individual did their research, there was little to no data out there to research. Big Pharma withheld all the safety data. We were lied to at every turn by our government. Main stream news has constantly shoved a narrative down our throats every time we turned on the TV or radio. Our physicians have been lied to as well and made to follow the narrative of Big Pharma or risk losing their medical licenses. Social media has heavily censored anything counter to the Big Pharma narrative from the start. Government and Big Pharma, in conjunction with media, silenced anyone with descending voices.

Yet this person was certain still, absolutely convinced, that taking those vaccines was the best choice for their family. I will take a leap and go as far as to say, comforted.

My question:

“So how are you going to feel about your decision when all this finally comes out and you realize that everything you were told is a lie?”

This was not someone I felt was actually capable of going out onto the web and digging anywhere hard enough to find the actual facts. This was the kind of person that takes main-stream news at face value and thinks that anyone (like me) that doesn’t buy into the narrative gets all their information from places like FOX News.

I felt incredibly sad for this person, and millions of others, including so many people I love.

We were all lied to. For those who were trusting enough to take those vaccines it’s now a waiting game whether they know it (acknowledge it) or not.

There was almost no data for the average Joe to research back then; when choices to take the vaccines were being made. What little truth that was out there was buried.

We were the experiment. We are the mice under the microscope. What happens to us now, is the data.

The real data, the actual science, it’s been coming out for months, albeit hidden the best that our government, pharmaceutical companies, and big tech can manage.

The crack in the dam has been opened though. It’s anyone’s guess how soon, or how much will come out and who will actually believe their own eyes when it does.

Here is some really good data from Steve Kirsch, Founder, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

The link goes to an online PDF presentation that makes viewing the information very easy. There are links within the presentation. I encourage you to check them out.


Make sure to hit the link at the end of the presentation for additional information.

The Evidence
A short collection of key pieces of evidence showing the COVID vaccines are not “safe and effective.” Not even close. They are the most deadly vaccines we’ve ever produced.

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