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“At least 15 states, thousands of houses seized, billions of dollars in cash and product, “AR-style” firearms, money laundering, human trafficking, and murder.  What do EVERY SINGLE ONE of these news articles have in common?  Chinese-nationals actively engaged in the illicit marijuana trade.  As you’ll see throughout this article, Chinese-funded infiltration is not limited to America’s critical infrastructure.”

Source: Up in Smoke – diggersleuth’s Newsletter

Wonders never cease, right?

I mean, most of us know that the Chinese have been buying up our country now for decades, but who would ever had thought they would be buying up the “grow” spaces of the of new and booming US cannabis market?

But of course they want in on the “many uses of “legal” hemp, including fuels, textiles, and medicine,” mentioned in the article.

But why would the Chinese want grow-space in the US? Don’t the Chinese have enough grow space of their own? A market for sale?

Well of course they do, but as President Trump loves to throw out in many of his speeches, and is verifiable, the Chinese have a zero tolerance law on anything drug related. Zero tolerance in China means that if you are caught manufacturing or selling drugs, you are tried, convicted, and killed.

Problem solved. Game over. Zero tolerance.

Hemp and cannabis take months to grow, and indoors or out, quite a sizable operating space. There is no way to manufacture such things in China without government consent and without risk of death on the daily.

So naturally, the Chinese nationals that are in the US, buying up real estate, trafficking in their employees from overseas, and growing weed here, are pretty shady characters.

The article says one of the nationals busted referred to the bosses in these operations as cartels. Enough said.

Who is it buying up farm land and real estate in your area?

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