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Undercover Video Reveals Disadvantaged Populations Taking Excessive Vaccines for Tax Funded Gift Card Incentive: ‘You Find People that do it Five, Six Times…for the Incentive.’
• Source-recorded video shows employees of New York contracted with medical provider, DocGoAmbulnz, discussing how people are often successful overcoming safeguards that exist to prevent people from getting excessive COVID-19 vaccinations in exchange for the incentive of receiving a $100 gift card: People are “flipping the names and the date-of-birth.”
• Project Veritas investigated the practices of DocGo/Ambulnz screeners in the field and obtained undercover footage of employees appearing to give advice on how to circumvent rules to obtain gift cards in exchange for excessive vaccinations.
• In one instance, a registered nurse for DocGo says “Maybe just go and not say that you’ve been there before. Just give them a different name,” which appears to inform a potential patient on how they could avoid flagging medical systems when getting excessive vaccinations.
• In another instance, an RN for DocGo/Ambulanz advises an undercover journalist for Project Veritas to “try something somewhere else where it’s not the same company.”
• In a shocking twist, DocGO/Ambulanz employees were also captured on undercover recordings talking about how gift cards they distribute have a zero balance. “It was in the system that the money was already removed. We’re giving out blank cards.”

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