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“It isn’t true,” said the left. “There has been no corruption; no fraud.”

Except there was, and it was obvious, and any one of us that’s called it out has been looked at like a bunch of paranoid kooks by most of the left and all of main stream media.


  • 60% error rate in reporting.
  • Fraud in tally sheets. -Falsified tally sheets, actually. Blatantly. (Confirmed by the Secretary of State in Fulton County, Georgia)
  • Duplicate voting.
  • Ballot without certified results.
  • Certified results with no ballots to back them up.
  • Lack of chain of custody for thousands of ballots.

And that’s just the info in the first one minute and 25 seconds of this video.

“It’s fraud but it’s a civil case,” he says.

I say… until it’s not. Seems like the results might be evidence of an actual crime some way or the other.

Go ahead, watch the vid and get the rest of the fun. It’s interesting, that’s for sure.

Just wondering at what part of this story any of the crooks actually go to jail, get fined, or anything. It’s past due.

From The Gateway Pundit & Real America’s Voice

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