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It’s been a rough few years for we conservative sorts. We played along with one Obama term but almost withered away waiting for the second to end. Obama chewed up this country and left it poorer, less prosperous, and divided in ways I never thought possible. He then strolled out of the White House to sit on his high horse in Martha’s Vineyard where he no-doubt continues to look down upon the people he ruled and run into the ground during his eight years as US President.

The crazy, scandalous, illicit atmosphere surrounding the 2016 election was mind bending. And while Donald Trump was like nothing the likes this country has ever seen, he was a breath of fresh air when it came to actually running this country – like a business and a successful one at that. Rude and crude as he may have been the majority of this country was living well while he was in office and the future was looking brighter than it ever had.

It was a crazy few years but nothing could have prepared me for the shit show that ensued in the 2020 election. The running for it, the theft of it, and the swampy mess that is still ongoing over it.

Lunacy became rampant not only in Washington but at family dinners, during beers amongst one-time friends, over conversations on the steps of churches after Sunday services, and more vividly than anywhere- on social media. Everyone had a political opinion but only a rare few could actually get/find any real facts to base their arguments on.

Social Media exploded and people said a lot of things behind a computer screen that they would never say to a person face to face. I experienced a good deal of that from people I thought were my friends- some I had know my whole life.

I decided the argument wasn’t worth it and took a lot of people out of my social media feeds so I wouldn’t see their rhetoric. Someone even told me I was stupid for doing this, that I was in fact censoring people. I explained I hadn’t silenced (censored) anyone, I had just stopped them from inflicting their stupid into my life.

Here’s an example of the social media fun.

Just for the record, Tutu is a school teacher. She can’t spell or put a coherent sentence together but she is in charge of teaching children. And Trump supporters are dumb? Go figure.

And let me just say, I thought about removing the names on this screenshot but decided against it. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If you can make comments like this, you can own them, right?

As for Jamie: No one unfriends a liberal for their political opinion. People distance themselves from you because of how you conduct yourself, because of those opinions.

  1. You say no name calling, but then you call names.
  2. You say bring facts, so where were your facts then? Where are they now?

True blue liberal for you there.

As for Tutu wanting us all to be “one as Americans”; we still are. And America is still free, so far. That means I am under no obligation to endure liberal ignorance and people who act like fools. I am not obliged to read your puke in my social media feed daily, or ever.

It’s hard to be anything with these types but sympathetic. It must be really hard to walk around life oblivious to facts.

So as my hillbilly folks all say… “Well, bless your heart.” Because that’s about all, and the nicest, I can muster for you.

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