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Scentsy is a direct selling company and international leader in home and personal fragrance offering stylish, innovative, and customizable products designed to warm the heart, wake the senses and inspire the soul.

(And me, I’m a Scentsy Independent Consultant)

Scentsy is known for scents and warmers but it is SOOOO much more than that. Our products are sold exclusively by a network of Scentsy Consultants in 11 countries.

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The story of Scentsy

Scentsy (Orville and Heidi Thompson) started out in a shipping container in 2004, in a 40-foot shipping container on a sheep farm in Meridian, Idaho. It was a family-run business back then, with the Thompsons and their family and friends, working around the clock, to get Scentsy off the ground.

From the beginning, Scentsy has been a family-friendly business. For years, Heidi and Orville’s five kids were in the office all the time. Heidi and Orville joke that Grace, their youngest, learned to read by helping her grandma and grandpa, Alice and Fred, to label Scentsy Bars.

Today, Scentsy operates in a 770,000 square feet of office, manufacturing, warehouse and distribution space on the most beautiful 73-acre campus in Meridian, Idaho.

Enliven the senses

Heidi fell in love with Scentsy when Orville brought it home [from a trade show] for her to try. The first time she warmed a Banana Nut Bread Scentsy Bar, Orville came in and asked what was baking because the house smelled so good. 😊

Fragrance connects us to our deepest emotions and our most powerful memories. It creates connections when those emotions and memories are shared.

Fragrance can be mouthwatering, soft, playful, energizing (to name a few). Combined with the artistic beauty and light of a warmer or diffuser, it adds an unexpected kiss 😘 to an ordinary day.

Today, Scentsy connects people to their memories and each other through 100+ fragrances and 100+ warmers, diffusers and portable scent systems (plus dozens of cleaning, personal care and kids products) that enliven their senses, even if there isn’t a loaf of banana nut bread in the oven.

Creative, artistic, high-quality products

Heidi and Orville and Scentsy’s earliest Consultants started out selling wickless candles (scented wax cubes), designed to be melted in Scentsy warmers (decorative vessels that melt the wax with the heat of a light bulb or a heating element).

Since 2004, we’ve expanded well beyond warmers and wickless candles, but our meticulous standards, solid product guarantee and Scentsy-style translation of fragrance and home décor trends have never wavered. We love making innovative and totally original products that delight our customers and Consultants season after season.

The Scentsy Mission: A story of love

At Scentsy, we love fragrance and how it makes us feel, how it connects us to our deepest memories, and how sharing those memories connects us with each other. What started in 2004 as Heidi and Orville Thompson’s “swing for the fences” moment to change their own lives through wickless candles and decorative warmers has grown into an international business opportunity with a culture that feels like family.

At Scentsy, I love yous are common, hugs are expected and our biggest annual event is called a family reunion.

We are passionate about what we do, because in sharing fragrance we are changing lives – in every community we serve.

Today, Scentsy offers a whole line of fragrance products.

Warmers and Wax
Diffusers and Oils
Fan Diffusers and Pods
Unplugged scenting solutions
Laundry and Cleaning
Body Care
Kids Line
Pets Line

You can always find great values in the Specials and Collections section of my website.

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